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What Makes A House A Luxury Home?

True luxury is by design. Not someone else’s vision of what your home should be, but yours. This is the difference between a custom luxury home and a semi-custom home. Atchison Construction are luxury home builders in Glendale, AZ. Many semi-custom homes claim to be the standard of luxury but on closer look they don’t make the grade.

Semi-Luxury Homes

These construction projects are usually the result of a builder’s desire to build and sell new housing. It will be built on land that the builder has secured and typically be a based on a pre-existing floor plan. If clients get in early enough they can make some decisions. Perspective owners can choose to add a room, garage, or even a bay. Because these homes use common design elements large construction companies can order building materials in bulk and can build them faster.

True Custom Luxury Homes

This type of home starts with the client. The location, the design, the whole layout of the house is a reflection on the personality of the new home owner. These types of designs require experienced custom luxury home builders. Innovative design requires talent architects and problem solving builders. For the discerning home owner who wants to make all of the decisions from the layout to the type of faucets used in the master bathroom this is the true luxury home building option.

As with most things that are luxury items the cost of the home will follow the tastes and particular demands of the client. The focus on these luxury builds is meet every expectation and desire in the build, and have the flexibility to change the plan during the building process. With custom designs raw building materials might be limited or have to be hand constructed at the building site. This means that the build will take a little longer, but good things come to those who wait.

Hallmarks Of Residential Luxury

Before the housing bust in 2008 builders and home owners were all about going big on the build. Square footage was one of the most influential standards for the luxury home. In recent years the hallmark of luxury has turned into what is inside the home, not how big it is. The attention to detail is also a factor in the luxury build. Plumbing placement for things like shower heads needs to be perfectly centered, and cabinetry doors must meet much higher standards for measuring and installation.

This has given rise to high-end building materials, and simply better made and more beautiful amenities throughout the home and landscape. These homes include lavish finishes on floors, walls, and ceilings. Imported and exotic woods along with raw stone for floors are walls are becoming a symbol of the affluent luxury home.

There are few new, cutting edge amenities that luxury home buyers are looking for. Home automation is one of the luxury standbys along with pools and hot tubs. New details and luxury items are gaining popularity and setting the standard for today’s luxury home.

Wet Rooms

These rooms in the luxury home are built to have the walls, floor, and ceiling to be 100% water tight. This turns the space into more than a shower cubical, but a whole room water immersion experience. While not being immersed directly into water like a tub, water is jetted from above you and from the sides. This gives the feeling of being surrounded by water without being in a tub. Many times steam features can be ordered to make this experience even more one of a kind. Benches or even tubs can be added for surfaces to relax and lounge upon while enjoying the water.

Fire & Water Features

Infinity pools are being customized and given the luxury treatment with the addition of built-in fire features. Pillars and other decorative items lay dormant during the day, but as night comes they are lit and the light of their flames dance on the water’s surface and provide beautiful visual appeal. These can also provide much desired heat on cooler nights where the family wants to enjoy being out by the pool.

Stone Surfaces

Fireplaces are the traditional location of the masonry and stone work in most homes. This is simply due to the cost of the artisans that do the work. Luxury homes extend the use of stone past the mantel and incorporate it into a variety of surfaces through the luxury home. Stone’s unique look in unconventional applications brings one of a kind visual appeal to luxury homes.

Media & Technology Center

For both business and pleasure rooms in luxury homes are being outfitted with high definition TVs, and cameras to enable videoconferencing right from home. These rooms feature many comforts for the family and double as entertainment room. Many times these rooms include refrigerators, wet bars, or even small kitchens. These rooms are also set up to be the whole home audio control center and can be used to provide entertainment through the entire luxury home.

Glendale’s Luxury Home Builders

For the affluent luxurious residential build in Glendale, AZ Atchison Construction is at your service. At every step of the design and construction phase uncompromising dedication to detail and client satisfaction is our focus. Call us today at (602) 478-9870 to start your luxury home project.