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Luxury Home Builders Phoenix
Luxury Home Built In Phoenix Arizona

Atchison Homes has over 30 years of luxury custom home building in Phoenix Arizona. We has a solid reputation as one of the best luxury home builders in Arizona with innovative ideas, exceptional quality, as well as a commitment to project details that unique. We believe that it is vital to provide a collaborative and honest relationship with clients. From our first meeting to the final walk-through, you will be our priority.

Our experienced team of custom home builders will be here to help you to create your one of a kind dream home. It doesn’t matter if you looking to build a traditional and modern home with clean lines or intricate designs, desert or hillside, we will take our time to listen and help you to make the home that is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

Dave Atchison, Master Builder takes a lot of pride as well as passion in the work that he does, and building relationships with his clients helps to ensure that you are getting what you want for your custom home.

We will make all complex builds seem simple.

Understanding our building process

Luxury Home Built in Phoenix AZ
Luxury Home Built in Phoenix AZ

It starts with a conversation.

Building a custom home may seem hard at first, but with Atchison Homes we know how to make it easy. It all starts with us listening to you. We want to know why you want to build a home, where you want to build it, and what your vision is. It is in this first meeting that we will explain our building process from financing to planning. We have built thousands of homes in the last 30 years, so we can answer all of your questions.

Making a Home Plans

After we establish what your vision is, we will get to work. We will get a footprint of where you want to build and study the features. Then we will pull out the pencils and being to work with you to create a great floor plan that works with the lot. We will then design a plan that will give you a cost allowance for appliances, lighting, cabinets and more while helping to make those tough choices that allow you to get what you want while being on budget. All of this planning will let you move forward confidently with the financing.

Getting Pencils and Permits

We will then walk you through all of the steps of the technical process, which means the design to blueprints and HOA approval if it’s needed. Seeing how we are luxury custom home builders, it is our job to ensure that your custom home meets all the needed requirements and that it isn’t just built to code, but ensuring that its built to the highest standards.

Ground Breaking

Having the approve plan permit, a budget and timetable in place, we will get to the part that we all love – building. Some of the greatest homes will come from working as one unit so we will have you walk through all of the construction site. This allows any concerns or questions to be addressed right away. Our team of custom home builders state that clients make the best inspectors.

Welcoming you to your new home

Luxury Home Construction In Phoenix Arizona
Luxury Home Construction In Phoenix Arizona

Building your custom home was an exciting journey. It is a real chance to put a personal stamp on the home of your dreams. Having clear communication and an experienced and dedicated team, as well as your collaboration, we will help you to have your dream home with very little stress. When we give you the keys to your Atchison home, you can be rest assured that your moving into a home with confidence and knowledge that you have a home to be proud of as well as a place that was built with integrity, quality and care.

Give us a call today at 602-478-9870 or fill out our contact form to get your luxury home project in Phoenix started!