Which Home Improvements Pay Off Best In Arizona?

Which Home Improvements Pay Off Best In Arizona?

You might be surprised that the most important home improvements for your Arizona home are the basics. A gleaming new kitchen full of stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry is a wonderful addition to your home, but don’t forget the basics like maintaining exterior paint, and taking care of your roof.

Basic Home Improvements Count

While wanting to update the kitchen and bathroom might be on the top of the list, using your home improvement budget to take care of the sometimes overlooked details can make your home more valuable on the market, should you decide to sell. These items can include ensuring that the roof does not leak, that the drainage system around the foundation of the house keeps the basement dry, and updating the paint inside and out. With interest in home improvement on the rise buyers are becoming more savvy and will care more about a leaking roof that a beautiful new kitchen.

In terms of recouping the investments you decide to make on your home things like new energy efficient windows, new siding, and new roofs and roofing are high on the list. These home improvements can return as much as 90% or more according to Remodeling Magazine.

When home buyers immediately can see new siding, double pane energy efficient windows, and fresh paint it gives the home a look of being in good condition. The basics help get the past the feeling that there will be a lot of money going into general maintenance. Then they can focus on the more involved popular home improvements like remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.

Sure Fire Home Improvement Investments

There are a few types of home improvements that give a great return on your money. They add additional value and interest to your home that you get to enjoy. When you are ready to sell they also mean that you will be getting more of the money you paid for improvements back when buyers realize the value you have added to the house.

Kitchen Improvement

When money is spent well and popular designs are installed by quality general contractors the return in resale on the investing in kitchen improvement can be at least what you spent, or in some cases 50% or more.  Many of the rooms in the house are simply 4 walls, a window, floor and ceiling. The kitchen is one of the main focuses for many buyers as it is a place where it is common to find premium materials such as granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, and beautifully handcrafted custom cabinetry.

Bathroom Improvement

The bathroom is one the room in the house where we come into contact with many of the surfaces. We lay in bathtubs to relax from our days, we lay our hands on bathroom counter-tops as we prepare for our days and recover from our nights. This is an area that people want to see updated, clean, and will affect the resale value of your home. In terms of return on investment the bathroom can be as high as double the value you invest.


Adding space has become one of the most popular home improvements. While simply buying a bigger house and moving might be an option for some, it can prove a budget killer for most people. Especially if they love the neighborhood they live in, but simply cannot afford to buy one of the bigger homes on their block. The numbers are simple for return on investment, for every 1,000 square feet you stand to increase your resale value by 30% or more. Keep in mind that if you plan on installing radiant barrier, you want to weight out the cost vs savings before you make your final decision.

Custom Rooms

Custom rooms in your home are a bit of a gamble, but can make living in your home a lot more enjoyable. With the increase in popularity of rooms like home theater rooms, wine cellars, & steam rooms you still stand to recoup a good amount of your investment and will have a lot of fun while enjoying them.

Phoenix Home Improvement Contractors

If live in the Phoenix metro area and want to get some home improvement done to your home Atchison Construction can help you with every stage of the process. From design and permits to subcontracting quality work we make the process of home improvement smooth and easy for our clients. Call us today to get your project started!