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Construction Process Phoenix AZ

When you begin your project it would be nice to have an idea about where you are going to begin and when you will be finishing. Below is a generalize road map on how construction projects typically go. It all depends on the specific structure and the different variations to be used, such as whether or not there will be masonry work involved and/or if there ends up being additional steps added to the building design.

You will find an explanation to each of the topics following the flowchart.

In addition to that, if you should have any questions, our office is here to answer those for you as well.

Making plans, deciding your financial situation, and choosing a contractor:  

 The foundation of any project you have will be based upon these three steps:

  • What is it I am building?
  • Who is going to be building it?
  • How on earth am I going to Pay for it?

Usually, a contractor is able to help in guiding through a couple of these, however, it is important to keep in mind the significance of all three having to be completed before you can proceed with your project.

Permits & Insurance

Permits needed, and don’t forget about insurance!

 You are more than likely going to have to have a permit for your project. Many times, you might need to receive a permit from places such as the city, state, or other various agencies. If you do not get the permit needed it could cause your project to be slowed down or even brought to a halt, and there may end up being fines that you have to pay later.

The insurance is a significant part of the things you will need, as it is meant to protect both, you and your contractor as well.

The Preparation of the Site:

Depending on how your site is laid out, your contractor may have to implement certain things, such as the building code on its drainage, excavating the site (preparing) for what you are building there.

Additional preparation to the site could include things like the laying of utilities, water, sanitation, arranging for the power, removal of any vegetation, and temporary storage facilities.

After all that, it is time to begin introducing the utilities and begin the inspections that will be required. You will find an explanation at the end of this page on both.

The Foundation:

 Usually, a structure will be built on a foundation made of concrete. The contractor is going to construct a form that is made of panels, wood and/or foam. In order to increase the tensile strength in the foundation the contractor will be laying mesh or rebar into the forms.

In addition, the utilities and other miscellaneous things like an in floor heating system might be added to the forms. After all of this has been completed, your contractor then puts cement into the forms and allows it a curing time. Once the curing time has passed, the forms are removed to give the structure a finished foundation.

The Framing:

Next, any constructions that are going to be consisting of wood buildings will be framed up, this creates the final structures skeleton. If the construction is to be of metal, a similar frame is made using metal, and of course, if the structure is to be built using masonry, it means that it will be built brick by brick. The frame is what allows the contractor to add in the windows and doors, however, if they are to be of wood, then they will usually get added later on.

Roofing, Siding, and HVAC:

When the contractor gets to this point he will begin putting the siding and roof onto the structure. It will be a HVAC company that comes in at this point and begins installing the heating and air conditioning system, or ventilation system to the structure, this does not begin until the project that the contractor does is complete so that the structure is not left unprotected.

The Interior:

Now that the structure has sides and a roof for protecting your investment the contractor will begin the next step of the project, which includes insulation and finishing the interior of the structure. There will be many different materials in use, such as paint, trim, flooring, lighting, sheet-rock, and other factors which are used in making your new building more comfortable.

Exterior paint:

Now your new building is nearly completed! The contractor will now pint the exterior of your new structure (unless it calls for a siding that is pre-finished).


The landscape consists of a site cleanup, which may include the cleanup of gravel and also turf, shrubs, and trees. Both, the accessibility of your new structure and the aesthetic nature can be increased due to how your landscaping is designed.

 The punch list:

 A punch list is where the contractor walks through the final construction of the structure and point out all of the things which were not done according to the original plans and/or things that may not have a quality that is sufficient to the importance of the structure, and then write all of this down creating a punch list. The punch list could also include things that you have decided to do differently, creating a need for a ‘Change order’ (See below).

The Finished Project:

Congratulations, your new building is now completed!

 Your investment will be enjoyable for years to come, thanks to the great contractor you hired to do the job. Remember, that with proper maintenance, your investment can continue growing too.

Note: Contractors will usually specify if they are going to be cleaning up the building and/or site when they are finished, if yours states that they will be leaving it in a ‘broom cleaned’ condition you might want to make an arrangement with your contractor a head of time for it to be professionally cleaned when it is completed.

The Warranty Period:

 Many contractors will offer you a warranty on the work they provide to you. Which goes to say, “Should you later discover incorrect construction (during the period that the warranty covers), the contractor is obligated to come back and fix or replace it without any more charges occurring.”

However, the materials, and/or appliances will not usually be covered in the contractor’s warranty, for these items it will be necessary for you to get a warranty straight from the manufacturer, or from the distributor of those items, this of course, does not always include labor charges.

Things such as water, sewer, utilities, power, and even communications, will more than likely be placed at various stages of the building process. For instance, water has to be piped in, so that it can run from either a well or maybe a municipal water system, and lead to the structure itself.

Other than the piping that brings in the water, there is additional plumbing that runs (or is casted) throughout the foundation of the structure and extends through the frame to all the areas that is going to need running water, such as toilets, sinks, and other appliances, which themselves are installed during the interior process of construction.

There will need to be inspections made of the structure throughout the building process, this is performed by government officials (more than likely, the ones who required you to get permits). The inspections could include the structure, building codes, HVAC, electrical, utilities, and etc. There will be a final inspection conducted at the end of the construction process.

Contractors communicate with you regarding such things as price changes, schedules, and adding on additional work. They happen in one of two ways, which are: When you add on or remove some of the original design; and when there are issues that are beyond the contractor’s ability to see a head of time. Sometimes there are change orders when the original options you chose turn out to be more than you budget allowance.

Change orders need to be given to you in writing and include any estimate of the expected increase or decrease on the time and money to be involved.

Which Home Improvements Pay Off Best In Arizona?

Which Home Improvements Pay Off Best In Arizona?

You might be surprised that the most important home improvements for your Arizona home are the basics. A gleaming new kitchen full of stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry is a wonderful addition to your home, but don’t forget the basics like maintaining exterior paint, and taking care of your roof.

Basic Home Improvements Count

While wanting to update the kitchen and bathroom might be on the top of the list, using your home improvement budget to take care of the sometimes overlooked details can make your home more valuable on the market, should you decide to sell. These items can include ensuring that the roof does not leak, that the drainage system around the foundation of the house keeps the basement dry, and updating the paint inside and out. With interest in home improvement on the rise buyers are becoming more savvy and will care more about a leaking roof that a beautiful new kitchen.

In terms of recouping the investments you decide to make on your home things like new energy efficient windows, new siding, and new roofs and roofing are high on the list. These home improvements can return as much as 90% or more according to Remodeling Magazine.

When home buyers immediately can see new siding, double pane energy efficient windows, and fresh paint it gives the home a look of being in good condition. The basics help get the past the feeling that there will be a lot of money going into general maintenance. Then they can focus on the more involved popular home improvements like remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.

Sure Fire Home Improvement Investments

There are a few types of home improvements that give a great return on your money. They add additional value and interest to your home that you get to enjoy. When you are ready to sell they also mean that you will be getting more of the money you paid for improvements back when buyers realize the value you have added to the house.

Kitchen Improvement

When money is spent well and popular designs are installed by quality general contractors the return in resale on the investing in kitchen improvement can be at least what you spent, or in some cases 50% or more.  Many of the rooms in the house are simply 4 walls, a window, floor and ceiling. The kitchen is one of the main focuses for many buyers as it is a place where it is common to find premium materials such as granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, and beautifully handcrafted custom cabinetry.

Bathroom Improvement

The bathroom is one the room in the house where we come into contact with many of the surfaces. We lay in bathtubs to relax from our days, we lay our hands on bathroom counter-tops as we prepare for our days and recover from our nights. This is an area that people want to see updated, clean, and will affect the resale value of your home. In terms of return on investment the bathroom can be as high as double the value you invest.


Adding space has become one of the most popular home improvements. While simply buying a bigger house and moving might be an option for some, it can prove a budget killer for most people. Especially if they love the neighborhood they live in, but simply cannot afford to buy one of the bigger homes on their block. The numbers are simple for return on investment, for every 1,000 square feet you stand to increase your resale value by 30% or more. Keep in mind that if you plan on installing radiant barrier, you want to weight out the cost vs savings before you make your final decision.

Custom Rooms

Custom rooms in your home are a bit of a gamble, but can make living in your home a lot more enjoyable. With the increase in popularity of rooms like home theater rooms, wine cellars, & steam rooms you still stand to recoup a good amount of your investment and will have a lot of fun while enjoying them.

Phoenix Home Improvement Contractors

If live in the Phoenix metro area and want to get some home improvement done to your home Atchison Construction can help you with every stage of the process. From design and permits to subcontracting quality work we make the process of home improvement smooth and easy for our clients. Call us today to get your project started!

Luxury Home Builders Glendale


What Makes A House A Luxury Home?

True luxury is by design. Not someone else’s vision of what your home should be, but yours. This is the difference between a custom luxury home and a semi-custom home. Atchison Construction are luxury home builders in Glendale, AZ. Many semi-custom homes claim to be the standard of luxury but on closer look they don’t make the grade.

Semi-Luxury Homes

These construction projects are usually the result of a builder’s desire to build and sell new housing. It will be built on land that the builder has secured and typically be a based on a pre-existing floor plan. If clients get in early enough they can make some decisions. Perspective owners can choose to add a room, garage, or even a bay. Because these homes use common design elements large construction companies can order building materials in bulk and can build them faster.

True Custom Luxury Homes

This type of home starts with the client. The location, the design, the whole layout of the house is a reflection on the personality of the new home owner. These types of designs require experienced custom luxury home builders. Innovative design requires talent architects and problem solving builders. For the discerning home owner who wants to make all of the decisions from the layout to the type of faucets used in the master bathroom this is the true luxury home building option.

As with most things that are luxury items the cost of the home will follow the tastes and particular demands of the client. The focus on these luxury builds is meet every expectation and desire in the build, and have the flexibility to change the plan during the building process. With custom designs raw building materials might be limited or have to be hand constructed at the building site. This means that the build will take a little longer, but good things come to those who wait.

Hallmarks Of Residential Luxury

Before the housing bust in 2008 builders and home owners were all about going big on the build. Square footage was one of the most influential standards for the luxury home. In recent years the hallmark of luxury has turned into what is inside the home, not how big it is. The attention to detail is also a factor in the luxury build. Plumbing placement for things like shower heads needs to be perfectly centered, and cabinetry doors must meet much higher standards for measuring and installation.

This has given rise to high-end building materials, and simply better made and more beautiful amenities throughout the home and landscape. These homes include lavish finishes on floors, walls, and ceilings. Imported and exotic woods along with raw stone for floors are walls are becoming a symbol of the affluent luxury home.

There are few new, cutting edge amenities that luxury home buyers are looking for. Home automation is one of the luxury standbys along with pools and hot tubs. New details and luxury items are gaining popularity and setting the standard for today’s luxury home.

Wet Rooms

These rooms in the luxury home are built to have the walls, floor, and ceiling to be 100% water tight. This turns the space into more than a shower cubical, but a whole room water immersion experience. While not being immersed directly into water like a tub, water is jetted from above you and from the sides. This gives the feeling of being surrounded by water without being in a tub. Many times steam features can be ordered to make this experience even more one of a kind. Benches or even tubs can be added for surfaces to relax and lounge upon while enjoying the water.

Fire & Water Features

Infinity pools are being customized and given the luxury treatment with the addition of built-in fire features. Pillars and other decorative items lay dormant during the day, but as night comes they are lit and the light of their flames dance on the water’s surface and provide beautiful visual appeal. These can also provide much desired heat on cooler nights where the family wants to enjoy being out by the pool.

Stone Surfaces

Fireplaces are the traditional location of the masonry and stone work in most homes. This is simply due to the cost of the artisans that do the work. Luxury homes extend the use of stone past the mantel and incorporate it into a variety of surfaces through the luxury home. Stone’s unique look in unconventional applications brings one of a kind visual appeal to luxury homes.

Media & Technology Center

For both business and pleasure rooms in luxury homes are being outfitted with high definition TVs, and cameras to enable videoconferencing right from home. These rooms feature many comforts for the family and double as entertainment room. Many times these rooms include refrigerators, wet bars, or even small kitchens. These rooms are also set up to be the whole home audio control center and can be used to provide entertainment through the entire luxury home.

Glendale’s Luxury Home Builders

For the affluent luxurious residential build in Glendale, AZ Atchison Construction is at your service. At every step of the design and construction phase uncompromising dedication to detail and client satisfaction is our focus. Call us today at (602) 478-9870 to start your luxury home project.

Commercial Tenant Improvement Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Tenant Improvement Phoenix AZ

Please Call (602) 478-9870 To Speak With Our Commercial Tenant Improvement Contractors in Phoenix!

If you are looking for commercial tenant improvement in Phoenix, Atchison Construction is your go to contractor! We can to give you a quote on updating your new office, renovating your retail location, building your franchise store to spec, or completely demolishing and rebuilding your commercial building or property.

Table Of Contents:

Commercial Tenant Improvement Contractors in Phoenix, Arizona

A contract is usually formed before leasing out a commercial building or office to a tenant. Typically this contract should cover rent, other aspects of the lease, and tenant allowance. Tenant allowance covers changes to the property or structure that are required for the specific business practices of the tenant. This is a agreed upon amount of money that the owner will pay for tenant improvements. Some changes that may fall under tenant allowance or tenant improvement are flooring additions, interior wall relocation, installation of shelving, windows, toilets etc. Every tenant is going to have different intentions on how they will utilize the space for their business. For example, an office space will use the space differently than a hair salon. The tenant will usually have a list of improvements to make sure its set up correctly for its intended use. For example, a hair salon would need sets of salon chairs, shampoo bowls, and other specialty plumbing that wouldn’t necessarily be needed by a traditional office space. These tenant allowances would need to be worked into the tenant improvement contract with a specified dollar amount limit.

Turn-key Tenant Improvements

Turn-key tenant improvements are where the landlord agrees to pay for all improvements and all the tenant has to do is “turn the key” and open their business to the public. Although, this sounds like the perfect scenario, it can also not turn out not in the tenants favor. The disadvantage to this method is that he landlord could agree to all your changes but may get the improvements cheaply done or end up charging you higher rent to compensate for the expensive construction build out.

Agree Upon Dollar Amount Tenant Improvements

In this type of agreement, the landlord will have a list of improvements that they will cover and the tenant is responsible for anything additional or fancier. This is most commonly seen in new buildings where there is already a construction crew on-site using similar building supplies to build out each space. The advantage to this agreement is that the landlord will cover all expenses as long as you don’t add any additional items or fancier materials.

Importance of Owner & Commercial Tenant Improvement Agreements

Tenant improvements are important because they allow for the new tenant to use the space appropriately for their specific business type without spending a ton of their own money for the build out. This is also beneficial for the owner of the property because without the tenants needs being met, the business cannot function properly and will likely go out of business, which means no more rent for the owner. There are tons of reasons for tenant improvements to be made. For example, a office space may need to be converted to a hair salon or a flower shop may need to be  constructed to accommodate a restaurant.

Read Our 5 Star Commercial Tenant Improvement Reviews

Read our 5 star commercial tenant improvement reviews in Phoenix from around the web!

Commercial Tenant Improvement Reviews On BBB
Commercial Tenant Improvement Reviews on Home Advisor
Commercial Tenant Improvement Reviews on Yelp

“I have used Dave from Atchison Construction for 15 years, i am a commercial, and residential ,property management company owner. my team and i, manage over 52 single family homes,and over 2000 apartment units,and 16 large condo complexes. these guys have the team put together to handle all our jobs. from bothersome $100 repairs nobody wants to do, or they can do a $200k exterior paint job,or a $900k re-roof job,and all jobs in between. i have used them on all my customers properties and have never found a better company to work with. dave also built my ground up 4200 s f custom home i live in since 2004. he did a $140k master bedroom-bath addition for my brother in law in 2001.”

Recent Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects

Phoenix 2007
Permit Number: 07011987 Permit Type: STRUC/ELEC/PLMB/MECH Permit Description: NEW STORAGE BUILDING…
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix 2007
Permit Number: 07011985 Permit Type: STRUC/ELEC/PLMB/MECH Permit Description: NEW STORAGE BUILDING…
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix 2007
Permit Number: 07011983 Permit Type: STRUC/ELEC/PLMB/MECH Permit Description: NEW OFFICE/RESIDENCE…
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix 2007
Permit Number: 07011984 Permit Type: STRUC/ELEC/PLMB/MECH Permit Description: NEW STORAGE BUILDING…
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix 2007
Permit Number: 07011982 Permit Type: STRUC/ELEC/PLMB/MECH Permit Description: NEW STORAGE BUILDING…
Phoenix, AZ

Schedule Your Commercial Tenant Improvements

Whatever the reason you need you commercial property improved or built-out, the expert staff at Atchison Construction Inc can accommodate them all!

For more information about commercial tenant improvements for landlords or commercial properties, give us a call today @ (602) 478-9870 or fill out our contact form.

Related Services

Luxury Home Builders Phoenix

Premier Customer Home Builder

Luxury Home Builders Phoenix
Luxury Home Built In Phoenix Arizona

Atchison Homes has over 30 years of luxury custom home building in Phoenix Arizona. We has a solid reputation as one of the best luxury home builders in Arizona with innovative ideas, exceptional quality, as well as a commitment to project details that unique. We believe that it is vital to provide a collaborative and honest relationship with clients. From our first meeting to the final walk-through, you will be our priority.

Our experienced team of custom home builders will be here to help you to create your one of a kind dream home. It doesn’t matter if you looking to build a traditional and modern home with clean lines or intricate designs, desert or hillside, we will take our time to listen and help you to make the home that is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

Dave Atchison, Master Builder takes a lot of pride as well as passion in the work that he does, and building relationships with his clients helps to ensure that you are getting what you want for your custom home.

We will make all complex builds seem simple.

Understanding our building process

Luxury Home Built in Phoenix AZ
Luxury Home Built in Phoenix AZ

It starts with a conversation.

Building a custom home may seem hard at first, but with Atchison Homes we know how to make it easy. It all starts with us listening to you. We want to know why you want to build a home, where you want to build it, and what your vision is. It is in this first meeting that we will explain our building process from financing to planning. We have built thousands of homes in the last 30 years, so we can answer all of your questions.

Making a Home Plans

After we establish what your vision is, we will get to work. We will get a footprint of where you want to build and study the features. Then we will pull out the pencils and being to work with you to create a great floor plan that works with the lot. We will then design a plan that will give you a cost allowance for appliances, lighting, cabinets and more while helping to make those tough choices that allow you to get what you want while being on budget. All of this planning will let you move forward confidently with the financing.

Getting Pencils and Permits

We will then walk you through all of the steps of the technical process, which means the design to blueprints and HOA approval if it’s needed. Seeing how we are luxury custom home builders, it is our job to ensure that your custom home meets all the needed requirements and that it isn’t just built to code, but ensuring that its built to the highest standards.

Ground Breaking

Having the approve plan permit, a budget and timetable in place, we will get to the part that we all love – building. Some of the greatest homes will come from working as one unit so we will have you walk through all of the construction site. This allows any concerns or questions to be addressed right away. Our team of custom home builders state that clients make the best inspectors.

Welcoming you to your new home

Luxury Home Construction In Phoenix Arizona
Luxury Home Construction In Phoenix Arizona

Building your custom home was an exciting journey. It is a real chance to put a personal stamp on the home of your dreams. Having clear communication and an experienced and dedicated team, as well as your collaboration, we will help you to have your dream home with very little stress. When we give you the keys to your Atchison home, you can be rest assured that your moving into a home with confidence and knowledge that you have a home to be proud of as well as a place that was built with integrity, quality and care.

Give us a call today at 602-478-9870 or fill out our contact form to get your luxury home project in Phoenix started!

Construction Company Phoenix AZ | Atchison Cont. Inc.

Construction Company Phoenix AZ Atchison Construction Inc

Phoenix Construction

To make it as a construction company in Phoenix, AZ (or anywhere in the Southwest), you’ve got to be completely involved.  Every part of every construction project must be personally over-seen and attended to. 

Farming out the essential tasks simply won’t cut it, which is why we personally attend to every part of every project from preconstruction to construction completion.  From schedules to safety to budget, we personally see to it that the quality of the project is never compromised.  This is just what it means, to be a better builder.  It’s also how we deliver the most in value to our clients.

Thanks for visiting us here at Atchison Construction, where we deliver full service construction of residential and commercial buildings in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s been our honor to serve the area for over 10+ years.

That time and experience has allowed us to assemble a highly skilled team of construction contractors specializing in:

Our experts have called the Southwest region home for more than a decade.  We are your trusted local builder, mobilizing the finest craftsmen in the area to tackle your most challenging projects.  Additionally, our customers will benefit from the direct access we’ve gained to a broad range of resources; allowing us to offer extremely competitive pricing and availability.  These connections also mean we are fully equipped to provide construction services within numerous specialties including water services, commercial, education, healthcare, civil construction, hospitality and Native American gaming.

Atchison Construction Inc also provides comprehensive services for commercial construction, including:

  • PreBuilding Services
  • Commercial Rental Improvement Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Design Construction
  • Commercial Construction Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Architectural and Engineering services
  • Maintenance of Commercial Properties
  • Project Management
  • Preliminary Scheduling& Budgeting
  • Contracting& Permit Submittal

Additionally, we offer construction and building services for retail, office, warehouse, restaurants, medical, salons, government and many other commercial businesses.

We can also provide licensed contractors for painting, remodeling, flooring, plumbing, framing, drywall, and concrete.

Atchison Construction Inc provides comprehensive services for residential construction, including:

AZROC Lic Type: B Residential General Contractor
AZROC Lic Type: 196887 B Commercial G/C 155323

Atchison Construction offers top quality Construction Contracting for Residential projects throughout Arizona.  We offer services for every stage of residential building including, but not limited to, preconstruction consultation on estimates and scheduling, value engineering, residential remodeling or construction, custom home building, and permitting.  Our highly qualified project managers offer supervision over premium quality, highly valuable residential building projects.

New Home Building in Phoenix

For new construction of homes, we offer management of scheduling, system commissioning, drawing review, and quality assurance.

Job Order Contracting

We also provide Job Order Contracting or JOC.  Job Oder Contracting allows us to bring the quality and knowledge for which we are known to projects both big and small.  Through our expertise, service and distinctive outlook we’ve delivered innovative and effective solutions to common challenges encountered in general contracting at established facilities or when an emergency arises.

Arizona is still developing, and so are we here at Atchison.  We put building first, using a unique combination of high-tech and high-touch.  Choose Atchison Construction in Phoenix, AZ and see the difference.

Preconstruction Services Phoenix, AZ – Atchison Construction

preconstruction services phoenix az, pre construction company phoenix az

Welcome to Atchison Construction. We provide preconstruction services in Phoenix Arizona.

Evaluation of overall Project – Our main preconstruction company goal is to create sufficient insight, communication and thought that the overall picture will be understood by all of the participants of the project.

I. Foundation – A solid foundation must be built for the project to reach success. We can help:

  • Create programs for project that identifies expectations and needs upfront
  • Finalize appearance, conceptual size and material quality for construction
  • Create floor plans that emphasize flows of the production process
  • Finalize team members of project including inspectors and consultants

II. Analysis of site – We are making sure that the site will conform to the requirements needed of the construction project without future surprises or excessive costs. This includes:

  • Creation of overall master plan for the site – traffic circulation, confirm parking, and landscaping
  • Overview of soil analysis (with consultants) – ensure adequate foundation design
  • Assess the capacity of infrastructure, proposed routing and location

III. Agency approval assistance – Our experience and relationships in the industry will make it easier to meet the following requirements:

  • Approval of design and presentation to architectural control committee
  • Permitting: Building permits and site plan approvals
  • Connection and Tie in permits with utility companies

IV. Cost saving engineering – We make sure the work to be completed will conform to the budget, and suggest cost saving areas based on our previous experiences. We will:

  • Prepare project estimates utilizing estimating systems
  • Analyze budget vs. conceptual estimate requirements
  • Provide you with an analysis of the life cycle cost of specified materials
  • Offer secondary solutions including schedule, cost and quality impact

V. Review Constructability  – We want to ensure that the project that is being designed is accurately reflected in the plans. We also want to take this opportunity to clarify and simplify details consistently with industry practices to ensure that bidders don’t give you high prices contingencies.

  • Review documents for oversights, thoroughness, and inaccuracies
  • Evaluate proposed systems, product delivery and materials
  • Overview of concerned areas
  • Solicit supplier input and subcontractors
  • Offer secondary solutions
  • Team consensus obtainment

VI. Controlling of Costs  – At this part of the project, we will take a final look at the cost and scope of the project to ensure we are on budget before completing the finalized design. At this point we will:

  • Refine cost models and conceptual estimating
  • Develop lump sum or GMP project cost
  • Detailed review of the cost estimates with executives and design team
  • Solicit input from subcontractors similar to market conditions
  • Prepare estimate of final project cost
  • Provide management of cash flow

VII. Project Scheduling  –  From start to finish, we will schedule every aspect of the entire project. By identifying milestones before they happen, we can ensure the project will be pushed toward completion in a predetermined and organized manner. This process includes:

  • Design and define all construction events including milestones
  • Prepare final CPM and preliminary schedules using state-of-the-art software
  • Develop sequencing plan for project
  • Solicit input from subcontractors

VIII. Facility Viability Analysis  – This is an opportunity to take a look at the viability of the construction project before committing large expenditures. This will help:

  • Make final decisions regarding life cost vs. first cost
  • Finalize financial statements including operation expenses

VIII. Lead Item Management – Most preconstruction companies overlook this area. We get rid of hefty delays in the process by obtaining long lead items ahead of time until needed for the project. We will:

  • Identify long-lead delivery equipment and materials
  • Pre-qualify material and equipment vendors
  • Solicit award purchase and proposal orders where dictated in the schedule
  • Coordinate submittals of equipment packages
  • Expedite and verify delivery and fabrication

X. Competitive Bidding – This is the area project where we receive competitive bids for all the trade work need for the construction project. Our process is simple and is mostly focuses on getting competitive prices bids. We are able to remove the need for change orders by sealing off loop holes during the bidding phase. Our process includes:

  • Create big packages for each of the different trades needed for the project
  • Host prequalifying interviews with subcontractors
  • Select 2-3 bidders that are qualified
  • Receive proposals and distribute bidding documents
  • Complete a detailed analysis of bids and develop a comparison of each
  • Include architect and owner in evaluation process
  • Provide subcontracts to qualifies-selected firms

XI. Safety Programs – We give you peace of mind with our industry recognized safety programs that protect, enforce and manage the safety of the workers on site.

  • Verify compliances that regulations for state, federal and local are being met
  • Provide safety plans specific to the project
  • Communicate that safety plan to site visitors and subcontractors
  • Provide on-going monitoring of safety to ensure best practice

XII. Developing Relationships – Our goal is to ensure all of the participants of the project work together as partners. This makes a much more enjoyable experience for all parties included.

  • Conduct a partnering meeting where stakeholders can all express their individual ideas and concerns
  • Reinforce the concept of “team” at every available opportunity.
  • Create and Maintain an open-door policy